Traditional Ghanaian music with contemporary influences.

“Falen kelenya...moko be o komoto” means “the water/rain is carrying away someone's daughter, the only child she has, and so help is being called.”
“Se Nua DeDe O” are names of children. “Freyou” means “return home.” This song is about parents calling to their children to return home for dinner at the end of a day's worth of playing. 

The rhythms played during the dance section are improvisations inspired by the different drumming rhythms from the Ewe composition Takada. Because I didn't have access to Ewe drums, (atsimevu, sogo, kidi, kagan) I used the gungon drum of the Dagomba People instead. Raf played the gankogui (bell) patterns on an iron bell mounted on a wood post in our backyard.